Water meter installation – new schemes or refurbishments

Your water and waste water charges are based on the amount of water registered through your water meter and a fixed charge for the size of your meter. We install water meters based on the demand required for a property, by the amount of loading units or by the desired flow rate that a customer requests. Over time the amount of water that you use may change, this could be for various reasons, including: water efficiency measures; change of business activity; reducing or increasing the amount of occupants; change to the existing size of the premises.

To request us to re-size your water meter, please follow the guidance notes below and complete the application form.

dvw_icons_dark_blue-37Important information! With effect from 1st April 2016, all new developments to be supplied with water on a measured basis must comply with the following water meter policy.

dvw_icons_dark_blue-43Don’t forget that you can now register to access our online network asset portal to search and print maps of our underground water network: convenient, practical and mobile.