16 MARCH 2017 Horseman’s Green and environs.


Essential works will be taking place which may affect the areas listed below.  The work will commence from 10PM ON THURSDAY 16 MARCH THROUGH TO APPROXIMATELY 6AM ON FRIDAY 17 MARCH.


Areas that may be affected:  Horseman’s Green, Bronington, Fenn’s Bank, Whitewell & Redbrook Maelor.


We’re sorry but due to nature of these works, we’re not able to do this during the normal working day.


Properties in the Horseman’s Green area have been notified that there will be an interruption to their water supply by receipt of an advanced warning card – please note that this is the only area that will be without water for a short period of time.


Other affected areas may receive a slightly lower than normal water pressure but please be assured that we will try our best to minimise these disruptions.


There may well be some noise disruption and some lighting issues whilst the works are being carried out but again we’ll do our best to keep these to an absolute minimum.


Once the repairs have been completed it is possible that affected properties may experience some aerated water – which is essentially air in the supply and has a ‘milky’ appearance – or there may be some discolouration.  Don’t worry, our engineers will be flushing out the mains to help clear this.  However, you can also help by running your kitchen cold water tap for 15-20 minutes.  If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Support Team during office hours (8am – 6pm weekdays) on 01978 833200 who will be happy to assist. For out of hours contact it’s our Control Room on 01978 846946.

Sorry for any disruption, we’ll do our best to minimise this and get the water supply back to normal as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your patience and support, it’s much appreciated.