Here2Give Extra Care

We all need a helping hand from time to time and we will always do our very best to assist you. We want to make sure that you can easily access all our services and read the information we send you.

Once you’ve read what we can do for you if you are affected by the following circumstances, please call us on 01978 833200 or email us so we can put the necessary plans in place.


It is important that you tell us if you use a dialysis machine at home. This will make sure we can give you as much notice as possible if we’re planning work that may interrupt your

water supply. Also, if there’s a burst or leak that affects yoursupply we will make every effort to contact you to let you know what’s going on. If a member of your household uses a dialysis machine at home please call us on 01978 833200 or email us so we can add your details to our Priority Service Register.



If you, or someone who deals with your bills has sight problems or reading difficulties please let us know. We can send your bills, leaflets and letters in large print or braille. If you like, we can telephone you to explain your bill and send leaflets on CD or via email. We can email your bill information, if you use screen reading software, so that you can listen to your bill information before you receive it in the post.

If you have dyslexia, we can help you by providing large print bills and correspondence on a coloured background to help stabilise the text. Please call us on 01978 833200 or email us for more information.


Please let us know if you are deaf or hard of hearing and how you like to keep in touch. If you use sign language and we need to visit you, we can arrange for a sign language interpreter to accompany our representative to your home. Please call us on 01978 833200 or email us for more information.


If you would like a relative, friend or carer to be able to contact us about your bill we need your permission. We want to be as helpful as possible but we also need to safeguard your interests and privacy. Simply let us know the name of the person you want to deal with your bills and their relationship to you and we will make a note of their name on your account. This means that when they telephone us, we will know that you’ve already given your permission. If you are not the account older and have power of attorney please send us a copy of your written authority. We will then know that we are dealing with the right person for the account.

Please call us on 01978 833200 or email us for more information.


When your door bell rings, do you know who’s calling? On most occasions an appointment will have been made with you in advance. At all times keep safe, use your door chain and carefully check the caller’s uniform and identity card. Ask yourself: does the photograph match the person? is the card out of date? can you clearly see the company logo? A genuine caller from Dee Valley Water, including one of our contractors, is always happy to confirm their name and which company they are from. They are also happy to wait outside while you call us to confirm who they are.

If you are unsure about a caller at your door, ask them to wait outside, keep the door locked and call us on 01978 833200 or email us.