Network Access Code

From 1 December 2005, non-household customers who are currently supplied by Dee Valley Water and who use over 50 megalitres per year at each premises are able to switch suppliers

New water suppliers have to obtain a water supply licence from Ofwat. These companies, known as licensees, will be able to supply water once they have the licence. There will be two types of licence:

  • a retail licence, which permits the licensee to purchase a wholesale supply of water from a water undertaker and retail it to customers at eligible premises.
  • a combined licence, which gives supplementary authorisation to the retail licence allowing the licensee to introduce water into the water undertaker’s supply system by means of which any particular supply of water to the premises under the licensee’s retail authorisation is to take place.

To facilitate this access process, two key documents have been created in accordance with the Water Act 2003 and in compliance with Ofwat’s guidance:

  • Network Access Code – this contains the non-disclosure agreement, common contract and data sheet.
  • Compliance Code– this code sets out how we will manage our dealings with competitors to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

Each water undertaker is also required to publish indicative prices as a guide to licensees of the likely level of prices for wholesale and combined supply, for a defined set of scenarios and assumptions. Dee Valley Water’s Indicative Wholesale Prices and Indicative Combined Supply Prices (shown in the links below) are calculated in accordance with Ofwat’s Guidance on Access Codes.

Contact address for applications for access to Dee Valley Water’s system are as follows:

Head of Wholesale Market Unit

Dee Valley Water


Wrexham Road



LL14 4EH

Telephone: 01978 846946