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  1. Repair

    Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 12:30PM

    Essential Info

    Incident Type Repair
    Area Affected Broughton, Westminster Road, CH4 0RZ
    Effect On You No Water

    Further Info

    Our engineers are currently organising an emergency repairs at Westminster Road, Broughton, Chester. It is possible that properties in these and surrounding areas may experience poor pressure or no water whilst repairs are undertaken. At present repairs are expected to take 3-4 hours to complete. Following repairs it is possible that properties in this area may experience discoloured water. If this occurs, please run at your cold kitchen tap until the supply clears. We will try to minimise the disruption as much as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  2. Quality Issue

    Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 6:19AM

    Essential Info

    Incident Type Quality Issue
    Area Affected Chester Road and the surrounding area, LL11 2SF
    Effect On You Discoloured Water

    Further Info

    Due to a Fire Service incident in the area customers living in the Chester road and the surrounding areas in Wrexham may be experiencing discoloured water. Whilst unsightly, the discoloured water is unlikely to be harmful to health. If this occurs, please run your kitchen cold tap until the water clears.

    We are using all our resources to return the supply back to normal and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.