Letter of Consent – Investec

Letter of Consent – Rothschild

Confidentiality Agreement dated 5th July 2016

Offer Announcement – Severn Trent Water Limited

Co-operation Agreement

Letter to Shareholders dated 16th November 2016

Dee Valley Articles of Association 

View Dee Valley Water’s historical Annual Accounts and Financial Statements here

Revised Offer Announcement

Response to Revised Offer Announcement

Investec Consent Letter to Revised Offer

Offer Document

Letter of Consent from N.M.Rothschild & Sons Ltd

Articles of Association of Severn Trent Water Limited

Letter of Consent from Investec

Loan Note Form of Election

Form of Acceptance

Proxy Form for General Meeting

Proxy Form for Court Meeting

Severn Trent Water Limited AGE Financial Guarantee Fee Letter

Severn Trent Water Limited AGE Commitment Agreement

Posting Announcement

Employee opinion on Acquisition 

Dee Valley Water Employee Forum Opinion on Employment Implications from Proposed Acquisition by Severn Trent Water Limited

CMA Approval

Offer Update

Court Direction re Severn Trent Scheme Meeting

Result of court and general meeting

Scheme Court Hearing Adjournment Announcement 

Dee Valley Water Adjournment announcement 26 Jan 2017 FINAL

Dee Valley Water Judgement Reserved announcement 27 Jan 2017 FINAL

Court Judgement Expected 7 Feb 2017 FINAL

DVW Scheme sanctioned court adjourned 8 Feb 2017 FINAL

Leave to appeal granted 10 Feb 2017 FINAL

No Appeal to Scheme 13 Feb 2017 FINAL

Expected Scheme timetable FINAL

DVW Scheme become effective 17 Feb 2017 FINAL